Raw 4

6 x 60 minute episodes for RTE
Transmission date: January 2012

Production Credits

Directors: Simon Massey, Charlie McCarthy
Writers: Tom Farrelly, Stacey Gregg,
Ursula Rani Sarma, Thomas Martin, Brian Lynch
Executive Producers: Michael Parke, Suzanne McAuley, Douglas Rae, James Flynn, Morgan O'Sullivan
Producer: Ciara McIlvenny


Charlene McKenna
Aisling O'Sullivan
Damon Gameau
Keith McErlean
Kelly Gough
Dermot Crowley
Sam Keeley
Ger Ryan
Brian Doherty
Maeve Ruane
Tara Lee


Dublin's favourite restaurant opens its doors for an exciting series with familiar faces and some new ones. Fiona is turning 40 today, and the gang are planning some drinks for the end of the night. However, things are thrown off kilter when word comes through of the RAW building being sold. It turns out Fiona and Geoff's new landlord is none other than Dan Kelly - Fiona's Dad. Geoff is relieved, but Fiona is not so sure he's going to be as 'hands off' as he promises.

Jojo's living with Kate and Shane is causing friction in all the bedrooms. She's still tying up the last loose ends of her failed relationship and is throwing herself back into single life and partying hard. It's almost like she's back to the same fun, reckless Jojo of five years ago. But those closest to her begin to suspect that Jojo's hiding in the bottle and avoiding putting her life back together.

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