Becoming Jane

Jane Austen: Anne Hathaway
Tom Lefroy: James McAvoy
Mrs. Austen: Julie Walters
Rev Austen: James Cromwell
Lady Gresham: Maggie Smith
Judge Langlois: Ian Richardson

Production Credits

Writers: Sarah Williams and Kevin Hood
Director: Julian Jarrold
Producers: Douglas Rae, Robert Bernstein, Graham Broadbent
Executive Producers: Nicole Finnan, Julia Blackman, Tim Haslam, Jeff Abberley


The true story of Jane Austen's tragic love affair and her path to being the most celebrated authoress in British history.

Released nationwide on March 9th 2007 by Buena Vista International.

"You absolutely must not miss this bright, funny romantic, heart-breaking triumph."
Rosamund Witcher, Grazia

"Gloriously enchanting."
Baz Bamigboye, Daily Mail

"A charming, intriguing biopic, given extra depth and sparkle by attractive performances from its superior cast."
Empire magazine

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