Mrs Brown

Queen Victoria: Judi Dench
John Brown: Billy Connolly
Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: Antony Sher
Prince of Wales (Bertie): David Westhead

Production Credits

Writer: Jeremy Brock
Director: John Madden
Producer: Sarah Curtis
Executive Producers: Andrea Calderwood, Douglas Rae


2 Oscar Nominations and 10 International Awards

It is 1864 and the Court and Government are in turmoil. Queen Victoria remains stricken with grief over Prince Albert's death and refuses to carry out any public duties. As her popularity wanes with the British people and there are calls to abolish Monarchy, Sir Henry Ponsonby, the Queen's Private Secretary summons the services of John Brown, her loyal Highland Ghillie, to Balmoral to walk the Queen's pony with the hope that a bit of exercise in the fresh air will bring her out of mourning. His arrival is the beginning of an extraordinary relationship and he soon becomes the Queen's most trusted companion. However, as tongues start wagging within the polite society and rumours of an affair are rife, a real crisis in the Monarch seems inevitable and the Queen and John Brown are forced to end their friendship or risk losing everything.

Distributed by Miramax Films.
Commissioned by BBC Scotland for BBC Films.

"A gem of a movie... Immensely affecting and extremely funny."
The Observer

"Dench is magnificent"
Time Out

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